When having a TV is useful

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Which actually is not that often.

Our tv is not used terribly consistently. Usually, it hides behind a map of the world, and if I did not share that with you, if you were a first timer to our home, you would not know that one existed. We’ve in general given up on tv being a part of our family. So far, we’ve not really missed it.

There are some exceptions. The occasional football game is viewed, but most often, in the world of sports, it will be a soccer game. I can’t believe I’m going to say this as it is contrary to my southern roots where football is at minimum a second religion, if I had to choose just one sport to watch for the rest of my life, it would be soccer. Feel free to ask me for my justification.

The other exception I plan to discuss here (there are a limited number of others that I won’t get into) is documentaries. We’ve become hooked on documentaries. We’re educated, amused, perplexed, and challenged by them. We’ve viewed quite a few, so much so that I’m able to offer a top list of documentaries.

Here we go, in no particular order, except the first one:

  1. Divided. I place this first because it adds meat to why I left my previous church position, and because it assigns high priority to the sufficiency of Scripture for church and family life.  It presents an alternative, in biblical categories, for the current/modern practice of youth ministry.
  2. Super Size Me. Yep, it is 7 years old, but still worth viewing. Language gets blue in some places, but worth watching and asking “do I really need to eat there?”
  3. Marketing of Madness. It is unfortunate this was produced by the group it was produced by, which is why I won’t link to it or name the group – bottom line: this group does not excel in Christian orthodoxy or Christian orthopraxy. However, they have done a great job of showing the tremendous dangers of how we medically treat “mental illness” and draw some stiff conclusions, that, as with many other documentaries, are informed by this warning – follow the money.
  4. Food, Inc. If you don’t want to know where your food comes from and if you don’t want to know how it is processed before it comes to you, then skip this one. If though, you think you are being deceived by what is offered in grocery stores and restaurants, then take a peek.
  5. King Corn. Tightly related to Food, Inc. this one will scramble your brain. It will make you think twice before buying another ear of corn, or any other product containing corn. They are not against corn, but rather how it is grown and served to the average consumer.
  6. Agenda. I make this recommendation just in time for election season! Take a gander at this one and notice how easy it is for a socialist agenda to work (or has worked) its way into American life and how it is an affront to how this country was founded.
  7. The Business of Being Born. This one gets a little goofy in places, but is a wonderful encouragement for you if you are considering a different means of delivering children. If nothing else, it will arm you with some great questions to ask your doctor or midwife.
  8. The Mysterious Islands. Vision Forum travels to the Galapagos Islands, “Darwin’s Eden”, and examines the evidence, which very clearly points to a creator. Great history work as well, demonstrating Darwin’s God-hating ways, and how his work fueled the efforts of the framers of our modern school system and how his work contributed to the culture of death in our country today, beginning with Margaret Sanger and the modern day extension of her efforts, Planned Parenthood. The cinematography is stunning, the worldview presented is compelling, and the questions that are answered are convincing.
  9. Expelled. Ben Stein at his absolute best Ben Stein-ness. Takes Darwin’s theory, examined it, reports on its influence on history, and takes up the cause of creationists and/or intelligent design proponents who are getting clobbered or shunned by traditional academia. Rather engaging.
So, there is my list. Disagree with it or agree with it. Watch them yourself first though. These are not the most thoughtful reviews ever written (far more thoughtful men have done better work before me) but just my extra two cents. If this post served no other purpose than to keep you from watching another episode of whatever sludge is being served up on tv, then I will have accomplished what I desired. 

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