Keeping country churches alive

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This is the passion of Village Missions, and our family has developed that same passion. We long to see the church in rural North America be a vibrant testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ, and to see individuals, families, and communities be radically transformed by the gospel, informed by the all sufficient word of God. Here is another way to look at the situation in rural North America (very generously lifted from Village Missions material)

  • There are as many as 200,000 churches in the US that are in rural settings or are made up of rural people.
  • North America is the only continent where Christianity is not growing.
  • It is estimated that 5-7 existing churches close their doors every day
  • Only 1/3 of residents in the US and Canada will attend church on a regular basis, and church attendance has dropped by 10% in the last decade.
  • There are vast multitudes of people in North America who will live and die without ever hearing the gospel of Jesus Christ.
In rural North America, churches close for painful reasons, but God has supernaturally used Village Missions to provide help:
  • Problem #1 – The church cannot afford to support a full-time pastor. Village Missions provides financial support.
  • Problem # 2 – The church is unable to find a pastor for their rural community. Village Missions finds and places pastors.
  • Problem # 3 – The church cannot provide spiritual guidance and support needed to keep a pastor long term. Village Missions provides regional leadership to help pastors and the local church achieve long-term ministry.
Village Missions has a long history of serving in rural North America, which is one of a long list of facts that made it easy for us to partner with Village Missions. Founded in 1948, Village Missions has served over 1000 rural communities. From these churches, tens of thousands have been saved. Hundreds of church leaders and pastors trace their roots back to churches served by Village Missions. In fact, we were stunned by the number of people we know who, once they heard of our journey with Village Missions, shared with us that they grew up in a church served by Village Missions and pointed to that season of their life as being truly life transforming. Today, Village Missions serves close to 200 churches in the US and Canada, and we are both thrilled and honored to be able to partner with them to keep country churches alive.

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