What about the candidates?

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I’d love to take this space and invest time into discussing potential candidates for the Presidency, but: 1. I’m not sure that would satisfy the purpose of this blog, and 2. I’m a little too flummoxed to be able to come up with a cogent answer or response.

So, instead, I’ll focus on other candidates, specifically, candidates from the Fall 2011 Candidate School for Village Missions. We were among 8 couples who were invited to Candidate School. If you’d like to get a quick overview of each of the couples, be sure to check out the post by Village Missions’ Executive Director, Brian Wechsler, here.

Of the 8 couples that were at Candidate School, 3 have been given their assignments. The Dedera’s were already serving a Village Missions field near Spokane, WA, and Brian was chosen by the church to be their next pastor, so their transition, at least geographically speaking, was fairly easy. To be truthful, it was probably a mistake to allow Brian and I to sit near each other at Candidate School as we share a similar sense of humor and took frequent opportunities to distract each other. If Mike, Brian W., Roy, or Randy are reading this: don’t worry – we still heard every word you said, and I have the notes to prove it!

We rejoice with two of the other couples who recently received their assignment. Hopefully you are ready to hear towns you have never heard of, and will have a hard time finding on Google maps unless you click on the highest magnification level possible – these are the towns and communities that have often been ignored, but Village Missions is intimately aware of.

The Krutsch family (according to them, their last name is pronounced so it rhymes with “smooch” and proceeded to demonstrate that for us) were assigned to Prescott, Washington. If your Pacific NW geography is lacking, Prescott is in SE Washington, 20 miles north of Walla Walla. They are hopeful to be in the pulpit by early January.

Also receiving their assignment, and also hopeful to be in place by early January is the Fraher family. The Fraher’s have been assigned to West Bethel, Maine. I’ll admit that my New England geography is in poor shape, so I can’t give you a reference point, other than to say that it is in Maine, and appears to be close to Canada. Looking at Maine from the NW though, it might as well be in Europe. The Fraher’s will be a wonderful blessing to the community, and we trust that their investment will pay huge dividends.

That leaves just 5 couples awaiting their assignment, including us, which means that there are 5 more couples prayerfully seeking financial support to go to wherever in rural North America that Village Missions deems to be the best fit. We would be honored on behalf of all of the couples, including us, if you would join us in praying for God’s provision for the financial support to be able to go. If the other couples are like us, they are chomping at the bit to go “preach the Word and love the people” and to “keep country churches alive”.


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