We're 1/3 of the way there! Or maybe halfway! Or maybe more!

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Some of you who have chosen to follow this blog may have an interest in where we stand with raising our financial support. As a reminder of sorts, we have committed to raise $1300/month in support to serve with Village Missions somewhere in rural North America. As another reminder, Village Missions will not place us/give us our assignment until that support comes in. Since we’re pretty much chomping at the bit to get going to wherever Village Missions wants to send us, we’re eager to see God provide that support. Like I have shared with others, we know God owns the cattle on a thousand hills, so we do not question His capacity to bring in the funding, but we are at least moderately curious when He is going to do so. By His grace, our curiosity has not turned into panic.

As of last week, we stood at $508 in ongoing monthly support, which would put us over 1/3 of the way to our goal. Additionally, we were blessed and surprised by some extraordinarily generous one-time gifts, that when included in the overall number crunching, would put us just about exactly 50% of our goal. We are honored to have earned the favor of others to choose to support us as we venture with Village Missions, and we are abundantly grateful for their sacrificial giving.

We received word today that our home church, Lake City Community Church, has very graciously decided to make us one of their supported missionaries, an honor for which we are humbled and encouraged by. Their exceptionally generous support takes us over the 50% mark. We simply marvel at how God has led and inspired people to be our supporters, and we consider it a privilege to have them prayerfully and financially supporting and encouraging us.

If I may, I’d like to make an appeal for you to join us in praying for the other 50% of our financial support to be raised. We are very eager to move to the field assigned to us (when  we do get an assignment) and Village Missions is very eager to issue us that assignment! I shared in a previous post that of the 8 couples at Village Missions Candidate School, 3 of them had their assignments. I learned today that 3 more couples have received their assignments, leaving just 2 couples left looking to be placed – we are one of the 2! Please pray that God would raise the rest of the funds necessary for us to go, and that we would have an even larger group of individuals and churches praying for us along the way.


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