Guess what? We're moving to…

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Well, I can’t really share that with you yet, for 2 key reasons:

1. Our support, though very healthy and generous, is not quite where it needs to be. Of the $1300/month we are committed to raise, God has seen fit to bring in $900/month so far, for which we are exceedingly grateful. If you are one of those God has used to kindly and graciously support us, please let me say thank you, thank you, thank you. You have been an encouragement to us, and as grateful as we are for your financial support, we are even more grateful for your willingness to commit to pray for us. That includes the gentleman who sent back his prayer card and rather than check a box of either daily, weekly, or monthly, instead elected to create his own box entitled “yearly.” You know who you are, and so do we. If you are one of those who is still praying over how you would like to support us, we are honored that you are thinking of us, and the sooner you are able to arrive at a conclusion, the sooner I can tell you where we are going to go.

2. There are still lots of moving pieces involved. Village Missions still needs to confirm where they want to send us. They also need to communicate with the church to let them know that they have identified us as being their pastor/missionary family. It takes time to get the parsonage ready. We still have to have a baby (coming soon – you’ll hear about him/her in February). We still need to pack our stuff. Like I said, lots of moving pieces.

But here is what I can tell you: Village Missions (VM) does have a place they would like to send us – though not official yet, there is a relatively high degree of confidence. VM believes the church and community are an excellent fit for us, and based on what they have told us so far, we believe the same. When we get the opportunity to share it with you, if you know us at all, you are likely to have the same opinion. That is, unless you are most familiar with the east coast version of ourselves – the west coast version of us is vastly different (and we think for the better). We are very excited about this location for a variety of reasons. We are compelled by the need expressed at this church and community, and already God has drawn our hearts to not just their needs, but also the opportunities in front of them. We are eager to partner with the church in preaching and living out the gospel, and trust that God will do the work in this rural ministry. I think I’m safe to say that this location is in the Pacific Northwest, but at this point, that probably should be the only geographical information I offer. I know, the suspense is wiping you out. Check back later (not like 30 minutes from now – give it a couple of weeks) for the stirring conclusion to our journey!


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