At last, we can tell you

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Thank you all for being so patient with us as we have hidden information about where we are moving to with Village Missions. At first, we knew where they were thinking about sending us, then that “thinking about” was upgraded to “would you be willing to serve here.” If you have followed us on this blog, my beautiful bride’s blog, or in person, thank you for not hounding us too much about where we are going. At long last we can tell you that we are moving to Vesta.

Photo courtesy of NASA at

Wait, let me get more specific. We will not be moving to the above asteroid Vesta, but rather to Vesta, WA. I tried to find pictures of Vesta, WA, but could not find any as easily as I could find pictures of an asteroid 121 million miles from Earth – do with that what you would like. Vesta (the town) sits just a couple miles south of Cosmopolis. If your western Washington geography is not honed, Cosmopolis sits roughly in between Olympia and the Pacific Ocean.

We will be serving at North River Community Church, which as you may have guessed, sits right near the North River (100 yards from the church property).

Preaching of the Word, with lunch and fellowship right after? I'm in!

We are beginning to learn about the community we will be living in – Vesta has about 400 people, with the towns of Brooklyn and Artic being smaller but close-by. The church is the only church in an 18 mile long valley (where the 3 towns mentioned above are also located). At this point, we don’t have much in the way of history of the church. We did learn that they have been without a pastor for close to 6 years, and currently the church attendance is 35+, though we have heard at one point that number was 12.

I’ve already had a couple of conversations with one of the individuals of the church, and if he is anything like the rest of the church (or rest of the church like him) we are going to really enjoy serving there. They are a tight-knit church family, eager to serve and bless each other, wanting very much to share the gospel with those in the community, and above all, proudly proclaim the name of Christ.

We are of course ecstatic. There is a much longer story, but the short version is that when I first pursued Village Missions, and when I learned of this church, I began praying and asking the Lord if He would consider sending us there. That was 6 months ago, and though we have to wait one more month, we are humbled and honored that we have the chance to serve there. Our first Sunday is February 26, so there is much to do between now and then. We’d be very grateful for your continued prayers for us. Even though we know where and when we are going, we are also trusting the Lord to bring in the rest of our support. We are very close now, say less than $300/month close. If you would consider partnering with us prayerfully and financially, it would be our privilege to have you on our team. Whether you can afford $5 a month $50 a month, every little bit helps. Hopefully now that you can see where we are going (and that it is a real place) you will be even more inspired to join us.

You can expect updates as we take further steps, either here or at, so stay tuned!


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