How Trader Joe's is helping us get to our new location…

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…and they really don’t know they are doing so.

One of the few things we are going to miss about where we currently live when we move to where we are going to live is the proximity of having a Trader Joe’s nearby. TJ has been an oft frequented store for us for a variety of reasons, one of those reasons being a variety of food. We’ve very much enjoyed having TJ near us, and I suppose we will have to craft a strategy for getting to the Trader Joe’s closest to us (in Olympia) once we move. I’ve never really enjoyed grocery shopping, but on the few times I’ve been asked to do it, and if TJ is on the list of places to go, I do get a little excited. Not sure how to explain, even less sure I want to waste your time and mine attempting to.

Anywho…Trader Joe’s is helping us get to Vesta. The beautiful bride stopped by earlier to ask them if we could get some of their used boxes to help us box our place up for the move. They said to come back later and take what we wanted/needed. I showed up at the appointed time, was offered a cart, and ransacked the place (with permission!) of their boxes. In all of this box gathering, I did make a bit of a blunder. I went to the store in a pair of jeans and a black coat zipped all the way up. Having that outfit on, with slightly tousled hair and glasses with black frames, combined with me using a knife to break down boxes did confuse a few people. I ended up directing someone to the location of the organic vegetables, and had to inform another that “we” were in fact out of the rice krispy like cereal, but that “we” would be restocking the shelves soon, so please do come back. With that, my 327 seconds of volunteering as a Trader Joe’s mate came to a close.

I didn’t count, but I’m guessing I walked out with 50 boxes tonight. Who knows how far that will get us, but it is a great start, and even better, something we were offered for free. So, Trader Joe’s in University Place, WA, thank you, thank you, thank you! We appreciate your help, even if you have no idea what you helped us with.


One thought on “How Trader Joe's is helping us get to our new location…

  1. We were there too today.. to buy some fruityflakes for the grands. Does T.J. send care packages for far away missionaries?

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