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Thank you Lake City

As the clock ticks, we move even closer to making our move with Village Missions to Vesta, WA. There is a myriad of details to still work through – boxing up the rest of our belongings, loading the truck, getting the crew here to load the truck, finding the missing partner to the socks I keep finding, and so on.

We have been extraordinarily blessed on this journey by the care, support, and encouragement we have received from Lake City Community Church. We have attended Lake City for a little over 6 years, and served on staff there for 4 and a half of those years. We have benefited tremendously from the investment they have made into us, we have developed friendships that will last (hopefully!) a lifetime, and we have long considered them a part of our extended family.

As we near our departure date, Lake City people recently have blessed us tremendously. We had an army of women from Lake City come box up our belongings (with another episode apparently scheduled for Monday). The Miller’s very graciously opened their home and hosted a open house/going away party for us. Last weekend, the church commissioned us to send us out.

We really want to highlight the fact that Lake City is sending us out. If you are at North River, or if you are one of our very generous supporters, we want you to know that our ability to move to Vesta is in part (and not an insignificant part) the result of Lake City sending us out. They have been far more supportive than we would have dreamed of, both in terms of finances and prayer support. We have had the chance to share our journey with small groups from Lake City, and we have been stunned, overwhelmed, and delighted with their willingness to pray for us and support us.

We were given yet another chance to share our story at a Concert of Prayer Sunday night. We are honored to be a part of the largest group of missionaries being sent out in 30 years from Lake City – to the Grays, Bankes, Ayers, and Durigas, we consider it a privilege to be linked to you this way. Much prayer attention was given to us (as well as the Ayers, Bankes, and Grays), and in what is our last event as Lake City members, we came away encouraged, blessed, humbled, and honored.

So, Lake City family, thank you. Without you, I’m not convinced we would be doing what we are doing, and if we were, I’m sure we would not be doing so with the confidence that we are. Thank you for your love, encouragement, and investment into us. We look forward to the possibilities for future, strategic partnerships with you. As we have said over and over again, we’re within easy striking distance of you, so please do come and visit, but if you are not able, and are willing to pray for us, we will consider ourselves to be extraordinarily blessed (again!) by you.

We love you Lake City family, and we thank you for loving us back.