Friday at White Unto Harvest


Perhaps I bit off more than I can chew. I hoped to break this post up into at least two, if not more, posts to give an overview of the day. But, the sheer volume of teaching, combined with engrossing myself in conversation during breaks, and now this late hour prevent me from being as detailed as I would like. So, brief summaries will follow.

Before the summaries though I would like to make a request. Would you pray for me please? I’m scheduled to preach at 9:30am ET on Saturday. Pray that Christ would be exalted. Pray for strength and endurance. Pray for precision in communicating the gospel and the thrust of this message, fruit resulting from conversion. Pray that there would be no temptation towards anxiety, no fear of man and its equally dangerous brother man-pleasing. Pray I would serve well those who hear the message and that those who hear would derive great challenge and encouragement. I would be most grateful.

Now on to brief summaries…

Joel Beeke, “The Puritans and Their Evangelistic Methods” – One of the sharpest theological minds paired with a pastoral heart. Showed the urgency and earnestness of the Puritans in communicating the gospel, striving for an evangelistic fervor.

Conrad Mbewe, “What is the Gospel?” – Skilled exposition of Romans 3:21-24. The doctrine of substitutionary atonement was at the core of this message. Oh that more pulpits revisited that doctrine over and over again!

Carlton McCleod, “How Family Discipleship Creates a Love for the Lost” – Not to take anything away from the other speakers, but this was the highlight of the day for me. He offered up 10 ways that the title of his message is true. This is a must listen. If you do family discipleship you will be challenged. If you do not do family discipleship, you will be challenged.

Phil Kayser, “Integrating Broken Families and Single Moms into Family Integrated Churches” – How have I missed this? 2 John is a manual of sorts on how to accomplish this necessary act of grace, love, and mercy. Kayser’s emphatic attention is that family integrated churches are positioned perfectly to serve and bless broken families.

Joel Beeke, “Profile of an Evangelistic Home” – The need, content, and means for evangelizing your children. Present the gospel as the one thing needful for children. A call for the return of family worship as being the “foundational plank” for evangelizing our children.

Scott Brown, “A Sower Went Out to Sow” – A clear exposition of Matthew 13. Are we in the habit of sowing?

Paul Washer, “The Power of God” – He directed his attention to the children and young people in attendance (which here are many!). The question at hand – are you saved? “Listen, listen, listen!” Does not get much more foundational than that.

If you want other snapshots, be sure to go here. Praying for another wonderful day tomorrow as the Lord continues to shepherd His people.


2 thoughts on “Friday at White Unto Harvest

  1. We have been praying daily at family worship, and personally throughout the day! We trust it went well today; that you were blessed and also a blessing! Looking forward to hearing details back at N. River!! Safe travels, Melissa C.

    • Many thanks Melissa! Your prayers were/are so precious and valuable. Thank you for sacrificing time and energy on my behalf. It was indeed a blessed time, but I’m eager to be back with my two bigger blessings, my family and the precious saints of North River Community Church.

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