Saturday at White Unto Harvest

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Another day, some more summaries.

Prior to the summaries, I would like to thank you for praying for me as I preached this morning. It is always a joy, privilege, and honor to have the privilege to share the truth of God’s preciously preserved Word. Your prayers strengthened me and I believe served to bless the hearers. Thank you for your care and attention. Thank you for being willing to be willing to pray on my behalf.

Now on to the summaries…

Conrad Mbewe, “Love for the Lost”- It is even clearer to me now why Conrad Mbewe is called “The Spurgeon of Africa.” Doctrinally precise. Promoting the doctrines of grace. Thoroughly evangelistic. Passionate with a holy discontent over the state of the lost.

Carl DeyArmin, “What is True Conversion?-Fruit” – Not wanting to be self serving by including myself in this list, but, this was a session I attended. Sermon in a sentence (and a truncated version of a quote by one of my favorites, JC Ryle): no fruit = no conversion; no conversion = no fruit.

Doug Phillips, “Contextualization”- I’m convinced that if Doug Phillips had 3 hours to preach, he would still run out of time. That is not a swipe, but an admiration of his comprehensive knowledge and driving passion. A needful warning against improperly understood and incorrectly applied “relevance” in missions, as well as a promotion of establishing biblical cultures. This summary does not do the message justice.

Paul Washer, “Raising Up Boys and Girls Who Can be Missionaries” – This was actually part 2 of a message he began in the morning. That provided a sticky wicket – listen to Conrad Mbewe or Paul Washer. Ah! The tension! Part 2 ended with the charge for parents to show their children the beauty of the gospel and for parents teach their children the word of God.

Scott Brown, Dan Horn, Doug Phillips, Jesse Saint, Kevin Swanson, Paul Washer – Panel Discussion. These men tackled a variety of topics: Should single women serve on the mission field? What does family life on the mission field look like? What are mistakes families make on the mission field? What are critical principles that should inform families considering going on the mission field? What are the biblical texts that support those conclusions? How does a family exercise hospitality to dangerous people? This was a fascinating discussion to watch unfold.

Scott Brown, “Where Do We Go From Here?” – This was the closing message of the conference. In it Scott Brown envisioned the following: begin with the gospel of Christ; the gospel once it takes root sends us, either across the street or across the road; proclaim the greatness of the Great Commission; go out with joy, hope for the future, and the authority of Christ.

For more snapshots of the conference, be sure to look here, and soon the audio will be available. Get it, listen to it, then go!


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