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The only pastor in town

Though the title of this post is true of me, this post is not about me. This is another example of what Village Missions does. In Volga, Iowa, (population 200) there are four churches, but Pastor Jeremy Sarver is the only full time pastor who lives in town. This quick 3 minute video will give you a glimpse of what it means to serve with Village Missions.


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It is not as great, or as terrible, as we're being told.

I’ve delayed writing this for 2 reasons: 1. Everybody and their mother was writing about the election within seconds of the numbers coming in and I don’t tend to jump on bandwagons very quickly; 2. I wanted to be sure I actually believed it. The fact this post is being read by you now should tell you that yes, I actually do believe it.

Here is the basic premise – the election results are neither as great or as terrible as the proponents of greatness or terribleness want to have you believe.  Continue reading