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Where does your water come from?

Moving from the city to serve in a rural area with Village Missions has required us to learn many new things and to adjust to those same new things. Most of you reading this are still in the city, so I thought I’d give you another peek into our new rural environment.

Let me preface this post by posing a question – do you know where your water comes from? We found out the hard way.  Continue reading


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Ray Comfort of Living Waters has produced another outstanding short film. I’ll admit at first I was not sure where the movie was going; however, after hanging with it just past the “what is going on here?” moment (specifically, what is the John Lennon emphasis all about?) it became abundantly clear. I’ll forego a lengthy, descriptive endorsement and let the movie speak for itself. Carve out 34 minutes of your day to watch it, and see if you are not stirred to have the same boldness and conviction.


The dog and discipleship

Recently, for reasons we thought were sound, we acquired a second dog. Our first dog is still alive, but she is getting older. Her age is primarily what informed two of our reasons for getting the second dog: 1. If she dies, having the second dog will help to lessen the blow for our children. 2. Since she is older, she could be used to “train” the second (and younger) dog. The third reason is that we live in the country, we have the space, and he would like it better here than in an apartment in the city. The final reason is that two dogs versus a potential predator seems to have better odds than one dog versus a potential predator. The acquisition of this second, younger dog has provided me new insight into the importance of discipleship.

Here is Fledge lying down. This was obviously taken before we assumed ownership of him.

Here is Fledge lying down, apparently on command. This was obviously taken before we assumed ownership of him.

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