Will you pray with us?

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I want you to look at that question again. I’m not asking you if you will pray for us. There is a presumption on my end that you are either: a. already praying for us, or b. would gladly pray for us if we asked. We treasure those prayers, and we thank you for them.

What I am asking you to do is to pray with us. On Wednesday night, March 20, the North River Community Church family will gather for our mid-week prayer service. I have made the somewhat bold statement to our church family that this prayer service may be the most important one we do all year. As we prepare ourselves for the events of Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday, we see it as an opportunity to reach, serve, and bless our community.

You likely know that non-church attenders are more likely to show up to church on Christmas and Resurrection Sunday (if I’m particularly inspired someday, I may explain why I use Resurrection Sunday instead of Easter). There is a pile of statistics that can back up that claim. We are praying that will be true in our community as well this year. But we also bear the responsibility of inviting non-church attenders. Another statistic you may have bumped into is that of first time attenders to a church, more than 80% of them show up because they were invited. That means it is rare that folks just happen to amble by and make their way inside the doors of the church.

One of our church members has designed beautiful invitations. Really, they are outstanding. A stack has been printed up, and in the next few days, we will be canvassing our community with them and making as many personal invitations to church as possible. Inviting people is good, and having slick invitations is good. But we are called to do something more.

When we gather on Wednesday, we will be praying for the lost in our community. We will be praying for them by name, and pleading to God on their behalf that He would save them. In praying for them by name, we are not slandering them, rather stating the fact that they do not yet know Christ. Lifting their names to the Father’s ears, we anticipate a great movement of the Spirit of God to prompt the many unbelievers in our community to see their sin and need for a Savior.

So, will you pray with us? If you are able and interested, you certainly can join us physically. You would be an honored guest and a valuable partner in the gospel. But if you are not able to make the drive, would consider praying with us, wherever you are, at the same time we pray? We will begin at 7pm Pacific and be done by 8:30pm. I know that is a little late for those of you on the east coast – maybe skip that show you were going to watch. You likely won’t know the names of the lost we are praying for, but I’m confident God can sort it out.

Recently I’ve been praying through a little prayer guide entitled “Praying for Spiritual Awakening” by OneCry. It is simple, direct, and passionate. If you don’t have a copy, you can download a free PDF of it here. One of the prayers in there, and which reflects our heart as a church family, is: “Send an outpouring of Your Spirit that will rapidly advance the gospel and glory of Jesus Christ throughout the whole earth.” We want to see that here in the North River valley. We want to see hearts, minds, individuals, families, and the entire community transformed by the gospel. Please pray for us as we seek to serve Christ this way, and if you are able, please pray with us.



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