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Being your own counselor

Earlier on Thursday I tweeted the following: “Decisions made in isolation = decisions made in a vacuum. What is the primary function of a vacuum? Seeking your own counsel mimics that function.” It took me a while to craft a way of describing what a vacuum does (sucks) without crossing the line into crassness by using that word in a way that assesses value or uselessness, and not as what the word is actually intended to mean. What I really wanted to say in that tweet was… “Decisions made in a vacuum really…” Still can’t bring myself to type it. But, I’m sure you can figure it out.

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Running and rewards – #2

About 2 months ago, I issued the first of what I said would be a series entitles “Running and Rewards”. You can find the first installment here. Hopefully that will serve as an introduction to what I’m hoping to accomplish.

I’ve finally come around to making the second installment. The reward I’m focusing on may not seem like a reward. Truthfully, my initial response to this one was more of reluctant acknowledgement, rather than joyful embracing.

Here it is: running exposes the truth about you (or at least me).

The truth revealed about me is 4-fold:

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