It must be a llama!


If it walks like a duck, looks like a duck, and sounds like a duck, then it surely must be a llama.

By now you have seen the headlines and read the stories about the Supreme Court’s decision today. If not, go here and here to get caught up. In this piece, I will not be taking on the Court’s position – others far more skilled either already have or soon will be doing so. My interest is in our reaction to it.

The pro-gay marriage crowd is pleased. The traditional marriage crowd is not. I suspect that the pro-gay marriage crowd is not only pleased, but perhaps pleasantly surprised – I don’t know to what degree they had confidence the Court would rule in their favor, but there had to be some degree of skepticism and concern.

The traditional marriage crowd is somewhere along the spectrum of apathetic-annoyed-angry. Or perhaps they are riding the wave of one into the other, then riding that one into the other, and starting over again at the end of each emotional set. Much as above, I don’t know to what degree they had confidence the Court would rule in their favor, but there had to be some degree of skepticism and concern.

For the traditional marriage crowd, let me ask this: upon hearing this verdict, were you surprised? Why?

I am not pleased with the Court’s decision at all, for all of the reasons you are not pleased with the Court’s decision. I think there is room and reason to express some measure of discontent with how this came about, and express concern over the future ramifications. I get that. I really do.

But what I don’t get is those in the traditional marriage crowd expressing surprise. What else were you expecting? By that, I don’t mean what did you want, but considering the makeup and recent history of the Supreme Court, did you really expect any other conclusion than the one that was handed down? If so, you saw the feathers, you watched the waddle of webbed feet, and you heard the quacks, but despite all of the facts you determined that it was indeed a llama. Somehow, despite enormous evidence to the contrary, you presumed that the Court was going to make a wise, biblically and theologically sound decision. When they did not (in case it is not clear, I think the Court made an unwise and biblically/theologically erroneous decision, as well as grossly overstepped their jurisdiction as laid out in the Constitution) you were surprised. You may say “what is this enormous evidence you speak of?” Is Roe vs. Wade enormous enough? If the courts will not uphold their duty, obligation, and responsibility (going on 40 years now) to protect the lives of innocent, unborn children from willful, intentional murder by their mothers, then how can you reasonably expect that they would be more circumspect in their assessment in matters dealing with marriage? If they can’t get something as fundamental as life correct, how can you possibly suppose they would be correct on this issue? With rare exceptions, the recent trajectory of the entire Court has been to violate the Bible, or violate the Constitution, or violate both. Though it was a duck, you called it a llama. Remember, llamas like to spit. It is what llamas do, it is part of their nature. They don’t know how not to spit. You misidentified the animal, then your imagined llama launched a loogie at you.

I do not presume to know the hearts of the individual justices, so I cannot and will not hazard any guesses as to whether any of them are true disciples of Christ. What I do know is this: if anyone is not a follower of Christ, it is because they have not been regenerated, and if they have not been regenerated, they are lost. Accordingly, lost people think, speak and act like…lost people. They rule and decide like lost people. If a Congress or a given state’s legislature is made up primarily by lost people, then you should not be surprised when they create laws that do not reflect biblical principles. If the Supreme Court is made up primarily by lost people, then you should not be surprised that they interpret the law using a standard that is not biblical in nature.

So, is there no hope? Of course there is! Just not what is predominantly tossed around as hope, or deployed as a solution. Usually, bad decisions lead to protests, letter writing campaigns, snarling blog posts, and jamming up voicemails so that the will of the people can be heard. I would suggest that we make the will of God known. None of this gets better by activism alone. It gets better with repentance. Pray for a spiritual awakening that will yield individual repentance, church repentance, and national repentance. We cannot prescribe a human strategy to a spiritual problem – today’s events are evidence of a spiritual problem, not exclusively a judicial or legislative one – lest we compound the preexisting condition. Our primary message, our strategy, and our only solution is this – “repent and believe in the gospel.” (Mark 1:15, ESV).



2 thoughts on “It must be a llama!

  1. Have just been listening to a tape made in 1991 where protestant churches were debating the issues of homosexual ordinations and now we have the full fruit of the actions of those who called themselves followers of Christ but rejected God’s statements in the Bible. This will only be changed if we make disciples of Christ who follow God’s Word. We must pray and keep on working to reach the lost and bring them to a knowledge of the Bible and truths therein. Rich

    • For sure the church’s actions and inaction play a big role in this. I may attempt to address that in a future post.

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