Cities you (likely) have never heard of

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Encampment, Wyoming. Halsey, Oregon. West Bethel, Maine. Meadview, Arizona. Trail, Oregon.

What all of these places have in common is that they are relatively unknown. In some cases they are all but forgotten or ignored. But there is something special about each of these communities – they are home to churches that are served by Village Missions Christian Community Church in Encampment, WY. Grace Community Bible Church in Halsey, OR. Pleasant Valley Bible Church in West Bethel, ME. Meadview Community Church in Meadview, AZ. Trail Community Church in Trail, OR.

Each of these churches and the communities they are in are served by a missionary pastor, that is, a missionary to the community and a pastor to the church. Almost two years ago, the beautiful bride and I had the great privilege of attending Village Missions’ Candidate School with the missionary couples serving at the above locations. Everybody is a little different, with different backgrounds and gifting, but what unites all of us together is our love for the Savior and a call to serve in rural ministry and exalt the name of Christ in forgotten towns. Rural ministry is neither easier or more difficult than any other ministry setting – just different.

How different? Great question, and fortunately for you, Village Missions has produced an answer of sorts. Below is the most recent video Village Missions has released about a missionary couple, Jeremiah and Elizabeth Knoop, serving at Chalk Hills Community Church in Scotia, Nebraska (population: 318). Watch and see how God is at work in cities you have never heard of.




One thought on “Cities you (likely) have never heard of

  1. Some people have a passion to run and can lead the local schools cross country team. Love what you do, Grandpa

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