Unremembered places connecting with unreached people

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What does a rural, rainy, timber community have in common with a dry, sandy, tree-less one?

Based on external criteria, nothing. Other than the fact that both the North River valley in Washington and the Republic of Niger occupy space on earth, there would seem to be little to connect the two. Yet in my mind, and now in our church family’s mind, that connection has been made.

When we began our journey with Village Missions, I wrote here about how a trip to Niger was one of the things God  used to nudge us toward pursuing Village Missions. Village Missions serves rural churches and rural communities that are unremembered. We are grateful to be serving with Village Missions and the people of the North River Community Church family, and the people that make up the North River valley. But, as a church family, we know that we are called to look and pray beyond just our community. Our family’s relationship with our sending church also means that we are in some measure of relationship with other missionaries that have been sent out from that church.

Our sending church has adopted an unreached people group in Niger, and they support a couple of missionaries and organizations that are serving there. Their newest missionary to Niger is a family that North River Community Church (our Village Missions church family) has decided to support. They are currently in language school in France in preparation for moving to Niger. The Durigas will be serving university students in Niamey (the capital) with SIM- for more on them, be sure to visit

With this partnership, an unremembered place gets to watch as God works among unreached people. Our church family now knows where Niger is, and is regularly reminded that not only does God work here in our remote valley, but He is working around the world. Our partnership with SIM gives us windows to look through to see God’s handiwork, and particularly in Niger. There are lots of words I could type to show you the needs in Niger, but instead I’ll let a short video do that work (big thanks goes to the Durigas for posting this on their blog!) Please take the 3.5 minutes of your time to watch this, and join us in praying for God’s grace and power to be shown in extravagant ways.



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