Five for Friday

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Recovering from being out of town, and recovering from picking up a wicked head cold while being out of town, means new, fresh, and original content will be re-appearing next week. Until then, feast your eyes on these…

Encouragement for small churches. I have thought these same thoughts, and have often needed the same reminders of God’s call and God’s grace.

Is it a sin to be afraid? A quick (2 minutes, 10 seconds) response to a common concern.

A hero in a minivan. “If we would be heroes indeed to our children, then that burden must drive us to our knees. If we would impress our children, let us impress upon them humble and contrite spirits.”

145 John Newton Tweets. Tony Reinke has been working on a book on John Newton, and as he did so, he tweeted out a pile of quotes from him. Here they are all in one place.

MLS means more than just Multiple Listing Service. Our household (at least the males) are pretty stoked that tomorrow begins the new MLS season, and specifically, the new Seattle Sounders FC season. If you are not familiar with MLS, consider this a quick primer. In case you need help answering the question, “who should I root for?”, the answer is in the sentence which precedes this one.


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