Five for Friday


Well, gee-whillikers. I hoped to have some original stuff up this week. Alas, circumstances, distractions, and the inability to overcome both prevented that from happening. Much more reading than writing, and of the things I read, here is what most got my attention…

Big ambitions, small church. As you (hopefully!) know, we serve with Village Missions. Village Missions recently linked to this post. If you are trying to get a grip on the struggles, challenges, and opportunities for the small church pastor, take a look.

Spiritually flabby church attenders. The story may not be true, but the reality is.

Psychiatry admits it has been wrong. Links are provided, including several written by Dr. Bob Kellemen on depression, medication, and biblical counseling.

Northwest Ministry Conference. Very privileged and honored to be able to lead a couple of workshops at this conference coming up at the end of March. If you happen to be in the area, drop in and say hello!

Penalty declined. As a fan of soccer, fair play, honesty, and integrity, this story (and accompanying video) blesses me. Well done, Aaron Hunt.


2 thoughts on “Five for Friday

  1. Though all your links were interesting, the story about Werder Bremen thrilled me most. Bremen, my home town, was actually mentioned! Never liked Werder though, because they were the biggest club in town, they had the biggest stadium etc, We, and many other clubs, were the poor cousins.
    Thanks for sharing.

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