Five for (late night) Friday


Really pushing to avoid this becoming a Five for Saturday…

An impending marriage. I pray that when the day comes for me to launch my daughters into marriage, I respond as well as Dr. R.C. Sproul, Jr has.

Christ’s victory is our victory. YES!

Are you competent to counsel? “Do you care enough to ask when someone seems troubled? Are you wise enough to point to Christ and His Word, not your opinion? Are you humble enough to pray on the spot for their struggle or burden?”

Where did all these Calvinists come from? Fascinating (and well-researched) infographic from Josh Byers and Tim Challies about the New Calvinism.

Dear future mom. Beautiful, moving message to a future mom of a child with Down syndrome.

And with 10 minutes to spare, got this done on Friday.


2 thoughts on “Five for (late night) Friday

  1. What a great video! Thanks for sharing!! Though our beautiful Downs boy is in perfect heaven, we would have loved to have him run toward us and hug us….
    God creates each one of those children perfectly!

    • You can thank your wonderful sister – she is the one who showed it to me. We thought of and prayed for you after watching this. You are a great mom to all of your children!

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