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Five for Friday

Drat. Missed the end of Friday. But, I’m just going to pretend that I’m writing this from Fairbanks, Alaska where it still is Friday. If I can pretend, then so can you. Get your parkas and wool hats, and read what I’ve been reading this week…

Can Jesus Heal Mental Illness?  This is part one of what is (so far) a 4-part series by Heath Lambert of the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors. The remainder of the series is worth your attention as well.

Expressing our emotions. Another series of posts. The one I have linked to is the 6th (and final) post of a large series on emotions by Dr. Bob Kellemen on his RPM Ministries site. This post has all of the links to the previous posts, so you’ll be able to get caught up. Dr. Kellemen helps us to understand our emotions biblically. If you have emotions of any type, give these a good, long look.

40 Joys through Jesus. When your heart needs some cheering up. I really appreciate folks who do the research I typically avoid! This is devotional material here folks. You could read through it quickly, but I’d encourage you to take it in slowly.

Millenials and the False Gospel of Nice. “There is anecdotal evidence that seems to indicate a robustly orthodox evangelicalism is growing among the young.” A counter-argument to the narrative that orthodoxy is causing young evangelicals to leave the church.

The importance of the right running shoes, and proper fit. This is a slideshow of what can happen if you make a mistake on either. Not pretty. Downright ugly, if not nasty. If you have a weak stomach, maybe skip this one.


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Five for Friday

Five links that I think I worth your time…

Exploitation and a call to pastors. You need to get to know Raleigh Sadler. Not just because of who he is (he really is a swell guy) but because of his passion to see human trafficking come to an end. This post is calling pastors to action, but it applies to everyone. As an added bonus, he quotes a friend, groomsman, and college roommate of mine.

Then God showed up. It was one of those Sundays. Bob Kellemen provides a God centered view of how to respond when nearly everything does not go according to plan.

Has Jephthah been maligned? Admittedly, I have viewed Jephthah as a scoundrel, foolish, and unwise. Dr. David Murray takes that view to task in convincing fashion.

Location, location, location. Paul David Tripp invites you to see how location matters to followers of Christ.

Lent to Maundy Thursday. Page CXVI is mere days away from releasing their new album “Lent to Maundy Thursday”.  You  will know most, if not all, of these songs. But, they are slightly tweaked and/or repackaged. Consider it a refreshing of some songs. This is the latest in their series of albums following the church calendar, their previous album was “Advent to Christmas.” A really well done album leading you to the cross. Here’s a behind the scenes look at the making of  “Lent to Maundy Thursday.”

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7 ways larger and smaller churches can work together

Last week, Dr. Bob Kellemen of RPM Ministries posted two articles about megachurches, multi-site churches, and smaller churches. Dr. Kellemen and RPM Ministries are one of my go to resources, thus the presence of his blog on my blogroll. Many moons ago, while he was still teaching at Capital Bible Seminary in Lanham, MD (and while I was still living in the DC metro area) I took a class with Dr. Kellemen, and appreciated the man and admired the material. He is currently the executive director of the Biblical Counseling Coalition, and serving as an elder of a smaller sized church in Indiana. He has written two posts on the kingdom purpose and kingdom placement of the megachurch, multi-site churches, and the smaller church. The question he asked at the end of his first post was “How can the mega-church with a multi-site vision for kingdom ministry cooperatively support, empower, and partner with like-minded smaller churches in the community?” As the pastor of a smaller church, I commented on his post, and he graciously offered me the opportunity to do a guest post on his blog, which appeared on Monday. I am grateful for the opportunity to share about the smaller church, and specifically the rural smaller church such as those served by Village Missions, as well as to offer suggestions on how the larger church (whether it is big, large, mega, or multi) can partner with the smaller church.

Below is what I wrote, and I do want you to read it. To get a bit of context, I suggest you read Dr. Kellemen’s posts. Here is part one, Multiplying Kingdom Ministry Together and part two, Through the Eyes of the Smaller ChurchContinue reading